Beef Throttle

Beef Throttle

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This product has No Artificial Flavours, Preservatives or Colours. 

This is 100% real meat.

Suitable as a treat, or alongside a full meal for your dog!

Below is a guide of how much to feed your dogs!

Dog Weight

Food per Dog @ 2.5%

4kg (8.8lb) - 10kg (22lb)

100g - 250g

10kg (22lb) - 20kg (44lb)

250g - 500g

20kg (44lb) - 30kg (66lb)

500g - 750g

30kg (66lb) - 40kg (88lb)

750g - 1000g

40kg (88lb) - 50kg (110lb)

1000g - 1250g

50kg (110lb) - 60kg (132lb)

1250g - 1500g 


Please keep frozen until use, once defrosted use within 24 hours.