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Raw Minces Combo Box.

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Delivery available from the 2nd of September.

Our broad selection of Raw Frozen pet foods are produced and approved under defra guidelines to ensure that your pet gains the best quality meat. Aswell as keeping in line with a barf diet.

Our premium range of our popular raw dog food we sell are packed with even more nutrients, providing the absolute best for your dog. All of our natural dog foods are packed with all the vitamins and minerals required to keep your pet in tip top health. A few of the benefits of using raw dog food; a difference in the coat and skin of your dog, improved digestion, a boost in immune system, more stamina and much more.

Riva Frozen Pet Foods Premium Raw Dog Food will be delivered to you packed into a cardboard box containing 25 x 454g packs for making it easier to feed your canine friend.

When delivered, your box of raw dog food should still be frozen, but if slight defrosting has occurred it is safe to feed or re freeze without any loss of quality. Please ensure fresh drinking water is readily available when feeding. Some minces including Chicken Mince does contain bone.

Riva frozen pet foods are a very environmentally friendly company so we try our best to use only 100% recyclable materials when possible.

When choosing the Combo Box, You get a wide variety of different choices.

Choice 1 is 5 blocks of anything from our Raw Minces collection.

Choice 2 is 10 blocks of either: Turkey, Beef & Turkey, Tripe or Duck & Tripe.

Choice 3 is 10 blocks of either: Beef & Tripe, Turkey & Tripe or Beef & Chicken